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Dr. Fredric Wertham's article listing a series of arguments in favor of comics accompanied by his counterpoints. He concludes that comics are a danger to the healthy development of child readers.

14-year-old David P. Wigransky responds to Dr. Fredric Wertham's article "The Comics. . . Very Funny!" and John M. Brown's "The Case Against the Comics."

A reprint of John Mason Brown and Al Capp's statements regarding comics as first heard on the radio program "America's Town Meeting of the Air."

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An academic investigation on the relationship between comics and deviant juvenile behavior.

A 14-year-old comic book reader presents his counter-arguments to the claim that crime comics encourage delinquency.


A mother's letter urging the ban of crime and mystery comics to newly appointed head of the committee for the investigation of juvenile delinquency.

A country house is unhappy when the city, with all its buildings and traffic, grows up around her.
excerpt from Comic Book confidential.
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